Friday, 2 December 2011

Shopping but sedeh


            Nadiah,nak berciter siket nie nk share lh kirenyer my very sadnes nie  :(
            Yesterday,i with my pamili go to shopping anywhere terjumpe rakan
            It was Ahmad Aiman but if Haiqal is more better right??? :(
            That was my sadness...u want to know what happen after that???

             bajet speaking lh Dah lah adek dyer tuh penyebok sikit-sikit
             tengok orang...sikit-sikit tengok orang...time tuh kononyer nk gi juscoo lh
             tpi actually my pamili said:we just go to Angsana..hurm,.. :(
             Nak taw macam mana Nadiah boleh terjumpe Si Ahmad Aiman tuh..

             timme tngh mkn McD lh ...dh agak dh konpem ader jer yg pegi kt McD tuh!!!
             orang dah cakap pergi KFC...DEGIL!!!kn dh jumpa bdk tuh herm,...
            SAKET HATILH!!!!!
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